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eigentlich klar, wenn man darüber nachdenkt. Man sieht fast nirgends reale Programme...

stimmt. aber die die man sieht bestehen immer nur aus riesigen fenstern zum eingeben von passwörtern...

ja... obwohl bei so manchem film sie sich direkt anstrengen und was gutes zustande bringen...


Dove Evolution - Die GANZE Geschichte + Making Of

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Von: Nancy Vonk <>
Datum: 07. Mai 2007 01:08:57 GMT+02:00

Read all about it...and watch the "making of" video. ---Nancy

The other interesting thing we and Soho had to work on was that when all the layers came back from the photographer’s retouch artist — we weren’t allowed to watch the artist’s process as he did the layers — there were about 150 files in which everything happened very gradually. The neck didn’t go up in one step, or the eyes didn’t get bigger in one step, but rather the neck would move ever so slightly, and wouldn’t change again until several layers later. We wanted big movements and didn’t realize that we weren’t going to get them by following the exact steps the retouch artist used. So we’d have to isolate the neck in each layer and once we got the neck doing what we’d want it to do, we’d have to go back and erase anything else that changed and start over with another part of the face. Soho went above and beyond to make things right.

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